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Burr Coffee Grinder For The Right Blend

Posted on July 24 2017 by Loveleen

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How to make an excellent cup of coffee? In addition to the coffee itself, there is a surprising secret: grinding your coffee beans at home with a burr coffee grinder! This is the experience of a coffee lover.
Coffee connoisseur is different from coffee lovers. Connoisseurs can tell the difference among coffee types, while non-connoisseurs cannot. But they can still be coffee lovers, like me. I do not care if it comes in a little packet or from one of those fancy coffee bars. Coffee is just coffee and is to be drink anyway. However, I like coffee so much, and I know the way to make it best with burr coffee grinders.
To me, coffee is of its best when it is home-ground by burr coffee grinders. Coffee is much fresher then. Ground coffee loses its optimal flavor in about 2 days while whole beans maintain their best flavor for 2 weeks. So why don't you buy the whole-bean coffee and grind it yourself? You should also notice that the best grinder type is burr coffee grinder, not the blade type.
The blade-type is something like a kitchen blender. It slices the coffee beans and the longer the grinder run, the finer ground coffee you get. It can produce too much heat that can ruin the coffee flavor and the ground beans are of irregular size. Therefore, you should choose a burr coffee grinder instead. Coffee beans are put into the hopper that then feeds into the grinding machine, the burrs. After that the coffee comes out the bottom of the burr coffee grinder into holder.
The burr coffee grinder produces ground beans of a uniform size and the entire coffee flavor can be released. There is no heat generated by its whirling blades so the coffee can keep its rich flavour. So if you want to make excellent coffee, you need to find a good burr coffee grinder as well as a good coffee maker. The burr coffee grinder can help increase the flavor of your specially roasted coffee beans. Thus it is definitely worth the extra time and effort!
There are many kinds of burr coffee grinders for you to choose from. The burr coffee grinder has a variety models with various grinding size. A big- sized burr coffee grinder can make enough ground coffee for 20 to 30 cups, so you can make enough perfect coffee for the whole group. The grinder can also produce from very coarse to ultra-fine powder according to your wishes. So buy one burr coffee grinder soon, and enjoy your excellent home-ground coffee!
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